The Thought Behind Our primary school support Packages

There is little more pleasing that watching young children enjoy learning.

We are great believers in the role of purposeful play and value the importance and very real impact it can have on the effectiveness of a learning experience. With this in mind, we have made every effort to include learning experiences and suggested opportunities that implement both literacy and numeracy into a play context.  

We’ve made connections with current planning documents and education frameworks to create packages that facilitate valuable learning experiences in the home environment.

For the cost to hire a tutor for an hour, our Primary School Support Packages offer children the benefit of learning self-paced from the comfort of their own home. They also nurture strong connections between parents and children as they learn, helping to increase confidence and develop relationship building qualities that are important for life. 

Our mission is to provide support for both children and their parents and guardians throughout their academic journey.


ABOUT The Product

Our Primary School Support Packages are complete with bright, engaging and hands-on activities and resources. Central to our products are easy-to-follow teaching guides and ‘Integrate It!’ ideas which offer parents and guardians opportunities to promote a learning environment rich with literacy and numeracy concepts and terminology.

The packs are a cost-effective, simple and complete guide for parents who want to support their child to learn the alphabet, sounds, numbers, days of the week, sight words and myriad other skills during this wonderful time of childhood development.


What Others Are Saying ABOUT US

We have been using this fantastic package to assist my son not only to get ready for school, but to support him during the first term of school. It’s been a long time since we went to school and we didn’t know where to start with information and knowing how to support our little man. This pack was perfect. The personalised package gave us clear instructions as to how to use the program and support our son’s literacy and numeracy learning. I would highly recommend this product to any family.
— Ingrid
My five year old has thoroughly enjoyed the activities in her Primary School Support Package. She has started school this year with confidence and a desire to continue learning. I found the teaching guide straightforward and very easy to follow. I would highly recommend this package for children who have begun school.
— Emma
We bought one of the school support packages for our five year old child – we can’t speak more highly of the pack. Our daughter loves the activities, wants to learn and has grown in confidence. She started school this year and loves it.
— Lorelle & Aaron